Where does your money go?

The Maine Veterans Project, like any nonprofit organization, is only made possible by a collaborative effort from both MVP leadership and our awesome community.  We fully understand and recognize your part in our success and happily share the spotlight with our contributors. Each service we offer and every single veteran helped is a direct byproduct of your support. Without you there would be no us, so from the entire board, every veteran and myself we serve, thank you.

When you make a monetary contribution to the Maine Veterans Project, every penny of your dollar will go straight to veterans’ services with the only exception being our cost. None of the MVP leadership receives any financial compensation, and our incredible community is very generous with donating services leaving the majority of your contribution to the cause.

We strongly urge you to conduct a quick search of the other major nonprofits out there, and you might be surprised to see how much of your contribution goes toward salaries or campaigns. We like to keep it simple and do what every nonprofit’s primary focus should be, helping veterans.

We at MVP embrace the “one team, one fight” mentality. If we aren’t a great fit for your donation but you still want to help, here’s a list of great organizations we’ve personally vetted:

Please check back often as we continue to add organizations.