MVP Receives a NEW Jeep!

MSBcheckMVPThanks to a generous, major donation from Machias Savings Bank and generosity in pricing by Hartley’s Auto, Maine Veterans Project now has an official MVP Jeep!

Not only is this MVP’s biggest donation to date, it’s also one of the most important for reaching veterans all over our great state safely and reliably.  This Jeep will serve as the base for all MVP operations and will be vinyl wrapped to help reach veterans not connected with technology.  We will also be transporting veterans to / from local venues while they attend the Veterans Retreat, launching this Spring, that will focus on preventing veteran suicide.

We can’t thank Machias Savings Bank enough for not only supporting MVP, but supporting their entire veteran community in a huge way.  Between Hartley’s taking a big cut to work with our budget and MSB stepping up to the plate with funding, this is a major step forward for MVP!

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Korean War Veteran Receives Home Upgrade!

United States Army veteran, Harry Johnson, and his wife receive a new front deck / ramp and winterization for their new home from Maine Veterans Project and their community.

The community answered our call to help along with EBS Building Supplies in Machias.  Harry Johnson, Korean War veteran and loving husband reached out to MVP to see if we could help him winterize his mobile home and install a new front deck / ramp to accommodate his needs.  Within a matter of days both donors and volunteers rallied to answer the call!

We are very proud of our community!HJ-MVP

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Patriots Tickets Giveaway Contest

After receiving two tickets to the 12/20/15 Pats game from our generous friend, Mr Kyle Sansing, we decided it was time for a Facebook contest.  Original idea?  Not so much.  Effective strategy?  You bet, so we’re going with it.

Veterans are pretty steadfast and independent individuals with an iron will.  The veterans we seek are the ones that aren’t likely to know who we are or what we offer.  We can reach our audience that is connected to the internet, but we also want to find the folks that need our services who are not connected to the modern world.  This is where you, our awesome supporters come into play.  We host cool contests like this to spread our reach and our overall public awareness so we may better reach every veteran in need.

This brings us to our first contest and we’re pretty stoked to be sending you to see the currently undefeated and also current World Champions, your own New England Patriots. Go see a Gronk spike from the 200 section while Brady connects with precision accuracy to lead the Patriots to a victory…Or so we hope, we can’t promise wins, only over-priced beers and a heck of a good time.

To enter, simply like our page, the Maine Veteran Project, comment “MURICA” and share.  We will be choosing a random winner Tuesday, December 1st.

* Two Tickets / 200 Section Seating  / Electronic PDF Tickets Pats1

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MVP to Provide Vietnam Veteran a NEW ROOF 11/15/2015!

The Maine Veterans Project was alerted to a Vietnam veteran that needed a new roof…With a twist.  This veteran is on a very limited income and had saved a good deal of money for his new roof.  This is a veteran that does not ask for anything, even when in need.  He saved $1,800 for the initial deposit and materials only to have his money stolen by a shady contractor that never returned after receiving the funds.

Unfortunately the MVP Home Improvement Program wasn’t fully funded and we couldn’t simply buy the materials and pay for the labor like we’d hope to in the future.  We placed a “call-to-action” and within 72 hours we had an abundance of contractors, laborers and various other volunteers to provide food and coffee to the crews.

A huge thanks goes out to (in no particular order):
Contractors (These guys already work 6+ days @ 60+ hour work weeks):
-Damian Walston
-Randy Hatt
-Ariel Wannemacher of 10:31 Builders 
-Travis Galligher of Northfield Builders 
Tool Donation:
-Ben Bunker of Whitney’s Tool Shed for use of staging
-Amy & Butch Moore for use of nailing guns / roof brackets / planks
Mark Wright Disposal for a 20yd disposal container
Materials Sourcing:
-Kyle Sansing for a very generous donation toward materials
-Anonymous in Florida for an additional donation
-Anonymous entity in Calais for sourcing donated materials for use and delivering them to Machias
Additional Volunteers:
-Tara Librizzi for donating her time
-Lisa Berg for coordinating food for the volunteers & delivering materials
-Jennifer Hooper-Tuell for coordinating food
-Juanita Landry-Boyd & Dennis Boyd for volunteering their time


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A Sweet Donation from Carpe Bee’m

Bee's honey

Just a sample of Carpe Bee’m products!

Carpe Bee’m, a new and exciting honey venue in Massachusetts has pledged 25% of their November sales to Maine Veterans Project.Carpe Bee’m sells an array of honey products and merchandise with fast, efficient shipping options.

MVP President, Shawn Goodwin, and Carpe Bee’m founder, Leanne Terry, sported weighted packs and ruck-marched 26.2 miles along the iconic Boston Marathon route.  We did this to raise funds and awareness to help fight the veteran suicide epidemic along with 100+ of our friends.  You can feel proud purchasing products from a true supporter of our veterans!

As always, thank you for your continued support of MVP and the proud, generous businesses that fortify us.

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