Programs & Services

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Programs & Services

The Maine Veterans Project offers a variety of programs and services for Maine veterans. Through strategic partnerships, sponsorships and generous donations we are able to keep these programs going strong while continuously striving to improve our reach. 

Currently MVP offers the following programs and services to qualified veterans:

Home Improvement

 The MVP Home Improvement Program has provided thousands of vital repairs and renovations to veterans in need. Utilizing partnerships with local materials suppliers and outstanding local contractors, we strive to keep your donated dollars local while providing life-essential services. 

Who is eligible:
Disabled Maine veterans with an underlying PTSD (or mental health) need and evidence of financial inability / need. 

To contribute toward our Home Improvement Program efforts, click here
If you are a contractor that wishes to work with MVP, please reach out today!

Heating Fuel 

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The MVP Heating Fuel Program is proudly partnered with RH Foster to provide home heating fuel to local veterans. Thanks to the generosity of RH Foster and outstanding supporters we are going to be continuing this program for many seasons to come. 

Who is eligible:
Disabled Maine veterans living within our coverage area that are financially unable to purchase home heating fuel and meet our PTSD / mental health requirements. Fuel tank / system must pass heating fuel company inspection prior to receiving fuel.

To contribute toward our Heating Fuel Program efforts, click here

Vehicle Donation 

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The MVP Vehicle Donation Program has provided dozens of inspected, reliable vehicles to Maine veterans. Every vehicle we’ve received has been from a generous Maine company or citizen. We then make sure the vehicle is safe before finalizing the donation with a Maine veteran recipient. Transportation is vital in a rural state like Maine and we hope to continue to grow this program. 

Who is eligible:
Disabled Maine veterans with an existing PTSD / mental health condition without the financial ability to obtain reliable transportation. Must provide evidence of a legal Maine drivers license, an annual plan to cover vehicle costs and proof of insurance before the vehicle is transferred. 

If you have a vehicle you wish to donate click here

Life-Essential Needs 

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When budget and resources are available MVP is able to assist with other life-essential needs such as automotive repairs, food assistance, transportation, etc. 

Who is eligible:
Disabled Maine veterans with existing PTSD / mental health conditions without the financial ability to provide life-essential needs.

If you are in need of life-essential help, please use our contact form so we can assist you with partner resources.